Professional Communication hw

View this video THEN write an acceptance speech that would be 45-60 seconds in length, if presented orally. Be sure you identify the reason for the award and use the guidelines from the lecture notes to write the speech. It can be for an award you have actually received or it can be an award that you would aspire to receive. Explain the reason for your choice.

Please submit both parts of the assignment as a MS Word file to the “Safe Assign” dropbox by Sunday 5 pm.

Answer the following questions, providing detailed explanations and specific examples with each response. 3 paragraphs with at least 7 sentences each.

  1. In a speech to motivate action, why should the audience be provided with information to take action immediately?
  2. When would a statement of reasons pattern be effective?
  3. When would a comparative-advantages pattern be effective?
  4. In the notes this week there is a list of fallacies that should not be used in speeches. Provide an expanded definition and examples for each of the terms listed.

***Submit assignment as a MS Word file to the “Safe Assign” dropbox by 5PM (EST) on Sunday.