pro james kelvin

pro james kelvin

Instructions for each journal:

At the top left, please write your name, which course you are taking, the date, and the journal number.

Center the title of your journal, which should include your topic.

Select one of the topics below and research that topic further on the Internet or in the library. Your textbook does not count as one of your two sources. Find two websites or articles where you can learn more about the topic.   List the two websites underneath your title, in the center of the page. Include the webpage address or MLA citation of the library source.  Your web address should be specific enough so that I can check the webpage for plagiarism—do not just write “Web MD”;  instead, make your citation specific enough that a reader can check your source.

Any time you quote from a source, you need quotation marks, in-text citation, and Works Cited or Reference citation.  You must use quotation marks when you quote directly.  If you do not, then you have plagiarized, and the work will receive a zero.

Your emphasis in the journals should be to write a reflective journal.  Tie in the material with what you already know, with your experiences, and talk about what interests you or confuses you about the topic.  Do not make your journal a collection of quotations or paraphrases of the research material! You may wish to suggest how this topic could be researched further, and how a topic applies to what you are learning in this course or in other courses, such as nursing courses or other psychology courses.  You do not have to explain the topic completely–you do have to research it and reflect what you have learned and what questions your research has raised in your mind.  These journals are meant to be learning journals, not finished papers.  It is fine to use first and second person in your journals (I and you.)

You cannot use,, or wikipedia. You can use the library online databases, and you can use online sources such as mental health, medical, and university websites. You can also use magazines like Psychology Today, Time, Newsweek, and parenting magazines. List your two websites or article citations at the top of your journal page.

Write at least 500-700 words, double spaced, about what you learned about the topic that was interesting to you.

Your journal will be graded for critical thinking (30 pts possible) and quality of websites chosen (20 pts possible).  The maximum credit for a journal is 50 pts.

Here are your topics for this journal:

Anorexia nervosa

Laurence Kohlberg

Carol Gillian

Single-parent families

Polygamous familes

Resiliance and stress

Middle school social dynamics