Print Ad – This MUST be a Magazine Ad

(Write 6-7 pages for 100 points. Due by 6/26 (Tuesday) at 10 p.m. EST.) Post under course content.

You should create an original advertisement for an existing brand. You need to create original copy and layout for this brand. DO NOT just COPY an existing ad for the brand. You can draw the ad, use photoshop or even use powerpoint to create the visual with the copy of the ad. You must upload your original ad for this assignment.
You may use the existing product signature or a picture of the product or package. However the overall layout and copy must be original.

In 6-7 typed pages answer in some detail EACH question on this outline. Please answer using the outline format provided.
Use the APA style sheet to cite sources. You must cite at a minimum 5 sources.
Cite the source Next to any quote, statistic, or other data that you would have not have normally known in the text.


Name of Product/ Brand:

  1. Brief description of the product/ brand (cite sources in APA style)
  2. Brief description of competition (cite sources in APA style)
  3. Describe the Target Market in some detail
    A. Demographics- age, gender, income, kid or no kids are examples of demographics. (cite sources in APA style, use MRI or – type a name brand into search bar like corn flakes or special K – you will see very different demographics) Please mote that index is based on 100 as the average, so if the site says men have an index of 120 that means that me are 20% MORE likely to use the product. If women have an index of 95, women are 5% less likely to use the product.)B. Psychographics- attitudes, lifestyles, wants or desires are examples of psychographics. (cite sources in APA style, use MRI (see attached document in course content or Behavior of Product buyer/ user – where does someone buy the product? How or when do they buy the product? Do they use the product with other products? Think of family dinner versus a quick meal on the go.
  4. Media Selected
    A. Justify why the media is appropriate – does the audience who use the product also use this magazine?B. Media Costs (cite sources in APA style- use a media kits on google- for example: or put in the name of the magazine + media kit)C. CPM (cost per thousand) ( See the mediado the math)
  5. Justification of copy or lack of copy (usually in terms of the target market and media choices)
    A. Headlines- Why is this a great headline for the audience?B. Body Copy- any other copy in the ad. It can be descriptions, statistics or stories. If there is no body copy say why that is a good idea.C. Symbols/ Metaphors/ Figures of Speech- How do they appeal to the audience?
  6. Justification of layout/ design
    A. Overall layout (see videos from week 3)B. Unity/ Balance/ Informal Balance (YOU MUST refer to the videos from week 3)C. Color/ Shape/ Symbols (see videos from week 3)
  7. References used listed in APA format.………

History and evolution of advertising – Advertising History Timeline

Law & regulation

Advertising agencies

Issues (demographic changes- singles, African Americans, Hispanics, Boomers, Matures, GLBT, children, niche, Asian Americans, religions).
Read Chapter 4 and review slides under course content on blackboard. Alstiel4e_PPT04.pptx

Consumer persuasion: behavior, decision, learning, perception, persuasion & influence

Target market and market segmentation
Demographics,VALS2, Prizm


Look at recent data from the Census on one group-singles, married with children, African-Americans, Hispanics, seniors, or average income by state. or Pew-

My videos on design and layout (these videos will be used in your Print Ad paper in week 5):
Formal balance:
Informal balance:

More on frames:
Colors, Letters, Shapes:
More on Shapes:

Circus Ad:
4 color and Picture window:
2 color:

Signature, reverse type, bleed:
Silhouette ad: