Princess Nourah University The Caterpillar Video Discusion

First, watch this video about “Caterpillar,” a construction machinery and mining equipment.… Please answer the following questions:

a. The Caterpillar video describes the 6 Sigma program at this large, international manufacturing corporation. Compare and contrast two of the 6 Sigma issues that Caterpillar applied (as discussed in the video) with potential 6 Sigma applications at (or your university). Mainly, how should (your university) do something similar to Caterpillar using a 6 Sigma approach to quality, and how would that be implemented?

b. From time 3:06 to 3:45 on the video, a description of what “only 4 Sigma” (vs. 6 Sigma) would mean in terms of quality problems/defects in various industries. What “Sigma” level would you estimate that (or your university) is at? What types of defects occur by being at that level vs. 6 Sigma?