Powers to Federal Government Discussion

Ginsberg, et al., chapter 1 & 2 (pp. 2-65), the Declaration of Independence (pp. A1-A4), the Articles of Confederation (pp. A5-A10), the Constitution of the United States (pp. A11-A20), and Federalist 10 (pp. A30-A37). If you prefer, you may listen to Federalist 10 (the first link in the Videos to Watch section).

The authors of the text argue that “the framers sought to create a new government capable of promoting commerce and protecting property from radical state legislatures and populist forces hostile to the interests of the commercial and propertied classes” (Ginsberg et. al. 2019: 41).

In your initial post, please give two examples of specific powers the Constitution gives to the national government andtwo ways in which the framers limited the national government’s power under the Constitution. Discuss why the framers granted the two powers that you identify to the national government and why the framers placed such limits on the government they had just created? (around 350–450 words)

In your response posts, review the powers and/or the limits proposed by two of your classmates (uploaded as pictures, 100 words each )and assess how successful you believe the Constitutional language has been in empowering and/or limiting the federal government.

will upload reading later.