PowerPoint Discussion

Do an internet search using key words “Enhance PowerPoint 2016 Presentations.” Share with your classmates your favorite tutorial, article or YouTube video on how to enhance your PowerPoint presentations. In your post describe the article/tutorial/video, what you found most helpful and make sure to include the web address of your article/tutorial/video in your discussion post.

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I found a PowerPoint video on you-tube called Mind Blowing PowerPoint; Creating Effective Visual Presentations. I could totally relate to this video. I am in meetings almost every day and I see the same presentations over and over again. Tons of text to look at while the presenter reads the text to you out loud. It truly is boring and repetitive. I find myself reading the slides and not listening to the presenter making me not engaged in any discussion. This video suggests reducing text and instead using pictures, graphs, and images. Something so simple like changing fonts and making great transitions can change a presentation. It makes me understand the presentation should supplement what you are saying not replace it. I am going to try this now that I am learning how to do more advanced things in the program.



I watched a few videos and found a number of them to be very helpful. some of them were helpful with useful shortcuts and more efficient tool use, while some of them focused more on the ability to customize images and animations. In the video I’m posting
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp9EYXErle4 ) I really enjoyed the different ways they showed transitioning photos with overlapping dissolves, moving images in different patterns-even custom drawn paths, and my favorite, the custom “Loading Bar”. I thought that was very clever and well conceived.
By watching these videos, this one in particular, I learned that focus on timing, delay and positioning can make animations look very professional and add an eye-catching touch to your PowerPoint presentation that will help it stand out from others.