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a. Take the MBTI test from and at least one other source (two free URLs below). Request one of your closest friends, or sibling / spouse / partner to keep a reality check on your answers when you fill out the questionnaires. Have them sit by you, look over your answers, and OK those before you hit the Submit button (or start computing your score in the Keirsey book). Our answers often reflect how we wish we were rather than how we are.

You can use one of the URLs below for a free evaluation of your type and some interpretation of what you are like.

b. Compare the type you were assessed by the two sources. Were they the same? Different?

c. Read the interpretation provided by Keirsey as well by the other site. What are the common elements from the two sources that you also agree with? What elements do not seem to apply very much? What elements are completely inapplicable?

d. In your relationships at home or work, do you find others whose type may be different? How do they differ from your type? Did you have any minor or major conflicts with these individuals at any time? Would you attribute the conflicts to any differences between your types? Do you find yourself getting along better with people who are your type?

e. Are there any changes that you wish to pursue for yourself in light of your own goals and vision for yourself?