Oxnard High School Search and Seizure Warrant Scenario Questions

Research Assignment: Examine and evaluate the attached scenario and present your detailed researched answer to the presented questions. You must support your position with cited case law, current legal mandates, and textbook references. The rubric attached to the assignment should present clear evaluation criteria for the grading of this assignment.

Mr. Jones, his wife, and their three children were backseat passengers in a car that was stopped for traffic violation. The police officer who stopped the car saw a gun on the floor next to the front passenger’s feet. A search of that passenger yielded eighteen packets of cocaine, more than $200 in cash, and another gun. After several backup officers arrived, Jones and his family were asked to get out of the car. Because two guns had already been recovered, one of the newly arrived officers frisked Jones and in the pockets of his jacket found thirty packets of cocaine and a roll of bills totaling $687. Concluding that Jones had been dealing in cocaine, the officer placed him under arrest. Moments later another officer found a loaded gun tucked inside one of Jones’ socks.

Was the seizure of the cocaine and the gun from Jones legal? What would/should be included in an affidavit for a search warrant of Jones home? Review what is required to obtain and execute a warrant and apply to this scenario as if you were the investigating officer. Cite your sources and reference the text