Organizational Aspects of Coaching Sports Case

Assignment Overview

As mentioned on the Module 3 Home page, researchers have been studying sports and sport teams to understand if and what kind of organizational characteristics relate to these endeavors. Researchers have further studied the management and organizational skills needed by coaches and athletic directors to build, develop, and sustain a team that is creative and innovative in its competitive strategies and ultimate success.

Using information from the assigned readings and your own research, write a paper describing the issues below, keeping in mind that sport teams and sport organizations occur at many different levels of athletics, including interscholastic sports, intercollegiate sports, and professional sports.

Case Assignment

Your task for the Module 3 Case: Please write a 2½- 3-page paper that addresses the three items below. Please organize your discussion with headings and subheadings where needed, explain your answers clearly, and provide rationale for your conclusions.

Please address the following issues in your paper:

  1. Define the concept of organization and how it applies to sports and sport teams.
  2. A sports organization requires the coach and athletic director to be proficient in a number of organizational skills, including those listed below; please define each of these concepts:
    • leadership
    • communication
    • cross-cultural perspectives
    • delegation
    • conflict management
    • negotiation

Now that you understand the concepts related to organizational behavior (listed above), please describe one example of each as it relates to a successful coach or athletic director. For example, regarding conflict management, describe how a coach would handle selecting a player for a position, when two individuals are arguing that each deserves the assignment.

Assignment Expectations

To receive maximum credit, you must demonstrate understanding of context and purpose of the assignment by bringing all required elements (described above) to the discussion, and meeting additional expectations (described below).

The expected length of your Case Assignment is approximately 2½–3 pages.

Include at least three in-text references, preferably including one which is other than those provided in the assigned readings.

As Master’s-level students, it is expected that you develop strong skills for reviewing literature. (Students must conduct additional review of the literature as necessary.)

Your reference list and overall paper must be formatted properly in APA format and style.

Hint: To ensure a well-organized paper, begin your discussion with an introduction (including purpose statement), and then list the three or four main ideas that you will address. Be sure to include a section for each main idea, and use appropriate headings for each section. Also, include a conclusion.

Please be sure to include ALL assignment tasks.

Note: If any Web link is not working, please report it to the professor immediately.

Required Reading

Iancu, D., Dobre, R., & Piturlea, M. (2012). Managerial leadership from the perspective of environment organizational sports. Proceedings of the Scientific Conference AFASES. 117–121.

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*This reference is dated, however, worthy of perusal.

Websites (Required)

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