NHM454 The University of Alabama Assess Proficiency in Synthesizing Peer-Reviewed Literature

  • Research the topic you selected.


    • Read a review article on the topic. This will assist in familiarizing yourself with the topic.
    • Locate and read 2 PRIMARY research studies published in a peer-reviewed journal within the last three years (Articles between January 2016 and Present will be accepted.)
      • Articles may cover the following:
        • Sensory
        • Experimental food chemistry
        • Nutrition intervention research

Note: Articles highlighting in vitro research will not be graded.

  • Write a Research Report for all study elements in the Article Deconstruction Workshee t for each article, instead of re-summarizing the abstracts. Provide specific details and support each assertion with evidence. Your Research Report should be in 2 sections:
    • Highlighting Primary Research Article 1
    • Highlighting Primary Research Article 2

Note: The section headings for the two sections are the only two sections of the Research Report. The Research Report should not have an introduction or conclusion. You should not be summarizing the authors introductions either – jump right into the studies by starting with the study objective and go from there. Review the grading rubric here


  • Create a Microsoft Word document using the following formatting guidelines:
    • Cover sheet with the topic of the Research Report, your name, and the course name (NHM 454)
    • 3 full pages minimum, 4 pages maximum, not including references or cover sheet. I will not grade any work that exceeds the fourth page.
    • Apply AMA style including in text citations, references, and page numbers.
    • Double-space, 12-point, Arial font with 1 inch margins
  • Turnitin.com via Blackboard
    • The University of Alabama is committed to helping students uphold the ethical standards of academic integrity in all areas of study including avoiding plagiarism in written documents. The final version of the report must be submitted BY THE ASSIGNMENT DEADLINE to Turnitin.com for the purpose of detecting textual similarities. If the final version of the report that is submitted in class on the due date does not identically match the version on Turnitin.com, the report will not be graded resulting in zero credit (0) with no opportunity to repeat the assignment.
    • Acceptable scores on Turnitin.com for “matching materials” should be 10% or less. For every percentage point over 10%, 2.5 points will be deducted from the total score of 60. There are no exceptions to this policy. A 10% match does not rule out the potential for plagiarism. All supporting articles will be read by the professor and reviewed for plagiarism. You must review your feedback for possible edits to matches if you have over a 10% match. Every report after the first can take up to 24 hours to get back. You must wait for you report to come back so you can save a PDF of your match report.
    • Remove your reference list from your TurnItIn.com report copy to avoid unnecessary matches.