New York University the Morality Between Killing and Letting Die

“For the essay, you will choose an issue/question and compose an essay which (1) demonstrates your sustained research into the philosophical literature surrounding the question and (2) articulates your own position by way of sound, clear argument.

A few notes:

Use the articles we’ve read as a starting point and then find at least four to five other sources, preferably essays/articles from no earlier than 2015.

Your essay should establish the current debate that surrounds the issue you’ve chosen.

Your position need not be original through and through—so to say you may make use of other’s philosophers’ positions so long as you cite their works when appropriate.

Your essay must include an objection to your position and a response.

The structure of your essay is up to you although every essay must have (1) an introduction with a clear thesis statement, (2) body paragraphs which prove insightful topic sentences by way of textual analysis, (3) a conclusion paragraph. Furthermore, essays must be thoroughly proofread.

a minimum of 7 pages will be needed for a thorough and thoughtful essay.

TEXT: Bioethics: An Anthology, Third Edition. Edited by Kuhse, Schuklenk&Singer. Wiley-Blackwell, 2015 (978-1-118-94152-2)

Readings in class:

The morality of killing: A Traditional View

Active and Passive Euthanasia

Is Killing No Worse Than Letting Die

Why Killing is Not Always Worse – and Sometimes Better – Than Letting Die

Relevant video clips:

VICE on HBO: Right to Die

Peter Singer Interview on Euthanasia, Suicide and the Right to Die

How To Die In Oregon