MRA3 San José State University Levels of Measurement

Cory Rogers of CMG Research was working with Jeff Dean, who believed that there was an opportunity to build an upscale restaurant, possibly to be called L’Experience Félicité (for “Delightful Experience”) somewhere in the metropolitan area. The proposed restaurant was described as follows…

A restaurant with a very elegant decor, offering very personal service in a spacious, semi-private atmosphere, featuring both traditional and unusual menu items prepared by a chef with an international reputation. The atmosphere, food, and service at this restaurant meet the standards of the finest restaurants. Menu items are priced separately, known as “à la carte,” and the prices are what one would expect for a restaurant meeting the highest restaurant standards.

Cory’s team had designed an online questionnaire and gathered a representative sample.

A copy of the original questionnaire, questionnaire key (with codes) are attached.

Explain what the difference is between a nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio survey question and give an example of each using the survey for L’Expérience Félicité.