Module 6 Bicycle Thieves Film Essay

Workshop 6: The Final Essay

Film 3440J: Practice of Film Criticism Spring 2016

Write a complete essay on any of the films we have watched this semester. Your essay should be 3-5 pages long 12 point font, double spaced.

Remember that your essay should use 1-2 methodological approaches and should include some outside research.

You must cite any outside sources you use in the essay.

What should the essay include?

1. A strong thesis.

2. A clear methodology used to approach the essay.

3. Outside research (at least 2 sources)

4. Textual evidence (including description of narrative, character, mise-en-scene,

cinematography, and editing).

5. Proper terminology.

Be sure to read both the Course Notes and Writing Spotlight for Module 6, as well as other student’s comments on your post, and other posts on Discussion Board before you begin this assignment.