mini case answer the quesitons

mini case answer the quesitons

Read the Michael Phelps Mini Case 1 and answer the following questions.

1. Olympians generally do not turn into global phenomena. One reason is that they are highlighted only every four years; e.g., not too many people follow competitive swimming or downhill skiing outside the Olympics. How did Michael Phelps (think Lindsey Vonn) turn into a global brand?

2. Which approach to the strategy process did Phelps, his coach, and manager use? Why was this approach successful?

3. Phelps was embroiled in a number of controversies outside the pool. What impact did these shortcomings have on his brand value? What do these incidents tell you about maintaining and increasing brand value over time?

4. What does Phelps need to do if he wants to play a similar transformative role in the marketing and sponsoring of swimming as Michael Jordan achieved in basketball?