Middle eastern country FDI and Porter’s Diamond analysis

Review the FDI report located in attached file.

and view the article and video, please.

Video: Article: https://www.opec.org/opec_web/en/press_room/5347.htm


1. Please go to the section on the Middle East (FDI into the Middle East) Choose one of the middle eastern countries that is also part of OPEC.

2. Research and describe one FDI project into that middle eastern country and describe how it will influence that middle eastern country’s competitive advantage (using Porter’s Diamond). Choose just one element of Porter’s Diamond only to make it clear.

3. At least 2 full pages, in-text citation and the last page is reference page.

4. must use data (from globaledge.com, statista.com, etc) and compare with other countries, and analysis the data.

The data could like GDP, HDI, imports and exports, revenues, and etc.

5. please use simple words and sentences structure.

6. All of this must be in your own words.explain define and give specific examples!!