MGMT532 Oklahoma Christian University Amazon eCommence industry Discussion

“Introduction: Analyzing a Case Study and Writing a Case Study Analysis.” This instruction is the base for analyzing the company, but you must apply to your report materials from the three books that we finished reading in this course. You will email your real company project (Project III) to me. Late delivery will not be accepted. No slides are necessary, just the writing a report. You write Detailed report on the company. More description on Project III is in the syllabus of the course

Case Study is On Amazon eCommence industry it should cover all the below topic

Title- Amazon Ecommerce Industry

1. About Company,

2. Company History,

3. Company Development, and Growth

4. 5 Forces apply to the company to amazon

5. SWOT Analysis for the company (Amazon)

6. Market – Numbers

7. Org. Structure and Team

8. References

Cover all the 8 points and it should only talk about Amazon