Management Theories Concepts and The Ability to Use Internet Memes paper

Management Theories Concepts and The Ability to Use Internet Memes paper

Internet Memes are ubiquitous thanks to the Millennial Generation (that’s most of YOU!). They have become

popular among political campaigns, marketing firms, and other organizations. Many different groups have used

them to spread their message to various stakeholders via social media. In this assignment, you will craft your own

Memes to convince me that you have a working knowledge of management theories/concepts and the ability to use

them effectively.

What does your Meme help teach us about management-related topics? This is your opportunity to creatively

apply ideas, arguments, and perspectives from the semester into a serious or comical Meme. You may use any

website or app available to create the Meme, along with any image (as long as it is not offensive to any individual or group).

sensitive to the chosen imagery and Meme message.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Create two(2)Memes that reflect class topics we have discussed this semester.(leader,leadrship,manager, teams, ethics, communication,motivation..)

2. In addition to the Memes, you must also write a brief description and reflection that explains the

relationship between the image and your message as it pertains to the content learned this semester. This

write-up should be:

a.One paragraph in length for each Meme (minimum two paragraphs total for the assignment)

Meme generating website examples:



NOTE: the professor does not endorse these websites – they are only examples

Sample Meme of an employee who just realized

his co-worker (with less work experience)

makes more money than he does.

He has decided to adjust his inputs (for

example, work fewer hours) in order to get


This is representative of equity theory


please take a look at the example in the attachment.