Literature Native-American Poetry Discussion Post

Literature Native-American Poetry Discussion Post

This forum covers the following texts:

  • Susan Deer Cloud, “Her Pocahontas”(Attached below)

Suggested topics for reading and writing are provided. Choose between these two subjects :

Analyze the symbol of the Pocahontas doll in the poem: what does it come to mean or represent to the Indian child?

Examine the use of allusion in the poem: popular and historical allusions abound in this text and contribute to the meaning of the doll.

In your post, identify your featured text(s) by title (or a shortened version thereof) in the subject line: e.g. “Pocahontas to Her English Husband….” Please be sure to provide concrete textual evidence (line numbers for in-text poetry citations in MLA style).

Some poetic elements to consider: the speaker of the poem; the action of the poem; setting; form/structure (most of these modern poems are free verse or open-form poetry); repetition and parallelism; tone and/or diction (style); rhyme; rhythm/meter; sound and rhythm devices like alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, etc.; syntax/word order and punctuation; imagery; and types of figurative language: imagery, allusion, metaphor/simile, symbolism, personification, irony, hyperbole, synecdoche, and so on.

Since this is our first foray into reading and writing about poetry,

please review “Poetry Terminology” and “Analyzing Poetry” under the Handouts and Resources Module.(Attached Below)

Cover at least one poem for a minimum of 1 post in this forum.