it is about Labor Relations

it is about Labor Relations

1. Explain the following school of thoughts and discuss how each of them are used to evaluate labor relationship:

Mainstream economics

Human resource management

Industrial relations

Critical (or Marxist) industrial relations

2. Which one of the viewpoint shapes the existing U.S. policies on collective bargaining?

3. Please research on the 2004-2005 NHL Lockout

3.1 Describe what happened.

3.2 From an economic point of view, do you think these parties should reach an agreement?

3.3 If a deal “should” happen, why are these parties seemingly having such a hard time? What’s standing in the way of reaching an agreement?

3.4 Which side has more power? Who, ultimately, do you think is likely to win the power game?

3.4 Are there trust problems? If yes, how to overcome the trust problems?