It is a personal identity essay

It is a personal identity essay

An identity can be defined based on a name, place of birth, where one grew up, who individuals are descended from. Identity can also be one’s ethnicity or race, one’s culture or subculture, or it can be how people identify themselves according to their religious beliefs. Identity can also be ascribed to one’s hair, make-up, tattoos, clothing choices, types of music, and a host of other identifiers that makes one who one is.

Identity, if you think about it, is a complex thing. Identity isn’t simply what one looks like, who one is, or where one comes from; it is about how you perceive yourself, rather than how others perceive you.

For this assignment, write a 2-2.5 page essay on how you identify yourself. Use a MLA heading (first and last name, instructor’s name, course name, date at the top left of your paper. 12 pt font. double spaced)

Note that your essay is to be saved as a pdf. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download this for free. Click the link for more information:Adobe Acrobat Reader (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

What to think about:

1) You may not necessarily have a thesis in the introduction of your essay, but you should have a main point. Your main point should be easy to “identify” as the paper will support this.

2) As you write your draft, remember, it’s helpful to have more than not enough. You can alway go back and revise for content.

3) If your paper is broad or you feel as if you are going in too many directions, figure out what your main point or thesis is.

4) If you have too many ideas, choose one that fits where you are at or is most significant to you. The more closely you feel to your idea, the better and ‘easier’ the writing can be.

5) Your final draft should not be your first draft. Spend a bit of time writing a solid paper that reflects your writing at its best. Be sure to edit, which means go through your essay sentence-by-sentence and read it aloud. This can help “listen” for errors. There is always room for improvement, but aim for a ‘final draft’ rather than a rough draft.

6) If you get stuck, read Trevor Noah’s “Outsiders” for an example of how to approach writing about identity.