influencing strategic decision

prepare a power point briefing from unit 3 and unit 4 paper. the briefing shall include the following

a title slide

an agency description slide to include statutory missions, jurisdiction, and roles and responsibilities

a program discussion slide to include mission, goals objectives, and metrics(from the students unit 3 individual project)

jurisdiction for reprioritization

recommendations to the working group

the power point presentation should be at least ten slides in length and include speaker notes

do not use times new roman (tnr) font throughout your pp presentation. instead use a san serif font, le, arial (the instructor preferred font)helvetica, calibri,etc. use the tnr text primarily for the body text of your paper. your cover/title slide should show the same three lines of text as you have for your paper in the proper order title of your paper your name and the name of the school, the bold title of your presentation and all bold slides titles should have from one to fives words additionally all bulets phrases should have from one tofive words. do not make your slides too busy, you should always have a bare minimum of two reference entries and a bare minimum of two corresponding in text citations, always include an agenda slide immediately following your cover/title and a conclusion slide at the end before your list of references slides,number your slides in the bottom right hand corner, do not use a dark

back ground