HUS3570 SPCollege Healthcare Communication & Rehabilitation Documentation

HUS3570 SPCollege Healthcare Communication & Rehabilitation Documentation

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Ketia S posted Apr 11

Communication is vital for any relationship to flourish, and the relationship between doctor and patient is no different. But how can the relationship that a patient has with their provider impact their health? Studies show that regardless of how educated the physician can be, the physician might still be ineffective if there are no open good communication channels with the patient (Gill & Cowdery, 2014). There is also evidence to imply that the patient-provider communication can affect their dependence on their provider which in turn can influence their perceived quality of care (Gill & Cowdery, 2014). A patient’s perception of care can have an impact on actual heath outcomes in regard to following treatment guidelines and performing other health behaviors (Gill & Cowdery, 2014). At the end of the day, communication is vital not because it changes how well the doctor performs but because it affects the perception that patients have regarding their care. Communication builds trust and when patients trust someone as important as their provider that in turn makes them more likely to be compliant.

Gill, P. S., & Cowdery, J. (2014). Relationship between Communication with Health Care Providers and Perceived Quality of Health Care. International Journal of Health, Wellness & Society, 4(1), 1–11.… (Gill & Cowdery, 2014)

Jeremy C posted Apr 10 HSC 3201

“Give your baby room to breathe” (Texas Department of Family & Protective Services and Upstate Cribs for Kids and Safe Kids Upstate)

“Safe sleep saves lives” (First Candle)

Both Slogans are from

These two slogans are very well written for their effectiveness and promptness. These slogans do a good job briefly highlighting the issue and providing a solution for the problem. I also think that they are sensitive to any cultures that believe in co-sleeping with their ability to discuss the main problem that can occur with SIDS and SUID. However, I think that the second slogan needs to be more specific so it can target SIDS and SUID by adding “infants” to the slogan.

My Slogan: “Keep your baby safe while sleeping”

Crystal T posted Apr 8 HUS 2428

Documentation is a collaborative role that is played in the field of addiction rehabilitation case management and client counseling, due to the fact that if it is not charted it did not happen. However, progress notes are important to chart a client’s journey though the various levels of the client’s journey. Taking notes is something that can be important to other members of the team if it has been charted and other team members read a problematic symptom it might reflect on the session and help the client not get stuck in a cycle of reactivity and repeated mistakes doing what has already been done. Notes are also taken for other legal problems and may be needed in court proceedings. When a client gets there records and sees the notes that have been taken could help them get a clearer understanding of the underlined problems and case plans and steps that should be taken in to their recovery and maintenance and that they are not being poked and prodded at. These documents are taken as unique treatment goals, barriers, progress and needs of a particular case plan. Documentation is also a legal record of the treatment process and needs to be treated as such and secured for HIPPA laws. Documentation could help other parts of the care team knowing the clients learning styles “auditory, visual, kinesthetic” for staff to know what has been addressed and the outcomes of those issues “positive or lack thereof” especially when moving from institution to another institution as they progress to the next level of care or back in treatment or into a detox unit if there is a sever relapse.