HUMN100 Grossmont Cuyamaca Personal Definition of Humanities Paper

What is YOUR personal definition of the humanities? Identify the elements you would include [or exclude] in an extended study of the humanities [given a reasonable amount of time for that study]. Would you limit your personal study to only the Arts or extend your study beyond the scope of this course? How has your perception of the humanities changed since the beginning of the course?

From a cultural point of view, would you say that the study of the humanities or classics is still relevant in the 21st Century – or are the liberal arts in general unnecessary in today’s world? Should education include humanities and arts classes as part of the general education [liberal arts] requirements? Are there elements in the study of the humanities you consider more important than others? Provide your rationale for your opinions.

Define the roles of personal creativity, cultural perception and educated observation in the making and acceptance of the specific works associated with the humanities. Does ‘knowing’ the artist’s intent change your perception and response? What do you require for a satisfactory intellectual experience?

Offer a representative example to illustrate your personal views on the study of the humanities and the arts. Describe the work’s primary characteristics as well as the qualities and values you want in an excellent genre, medium, style or period of creativity.