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Today in the business world there are five attributes known as soft skills. These five skills combine to create an employee who is one major reason for the success of a business. Soft Skills consist of leadership, collaborative teamwork, effective communication, problem solving and finally having strong work ethics.
I believe strong work ethics maybe the number one soft skill when reviewing the strength of a company. Businesses operate on forecasting production from day to day. Having employees report in on time, take lunches and breaks at pre-disclosed times results in continuous coverage and continued production. In my office there is often a phrase used in team meetings, someone will always shout out “teamwork is dream work.” This is a team who pulls together to make sure the job is done.
Effective communicating is making sure your audience know the why’s, the when’s and the reason for certain actions. At home, as a mother and grandmother, I often give my family work to do, I let them know what is needed, how soon I need it done and the reason I am asking them to do a chore for me.
In today’s business world solving problems is often a multi-task function. It is not often spelled out in your job description but is always a big part of your job. It could be a major or minor function but must be done whenever an issue come up that is out of the ordinary. Often identifying the problem could be a major task. A math problem for example could be pretty simple, one plus one equal two but on the other hand you may come into work one day and your systems is not working, hence a major problem. Getting them up and running is the problem, solving it will require finding out what caused the problem in order to fix the issue. Problem solving will always require being diligent in what you are looking for and always following through.
Finally, leadership, leadership requires all of the soft skills. A leader will possess very strong work ethics, he/she will often be the first in the office and the last to leave. He collaborates with his management staff and board members through memos, meetings and emails. He is kept abreast of the business progress through metric reports. He demonstrates to his employees that he stands with them by the decisions he makes and his actions when major problems arise.
Good soft skills, leadership, problem solving, collaborative teamwork, strong work ethics and effective communication skills spells success for a business owner.

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