Hotel design and scale model

To complete this task:

  1. Investigate current trends and concepts in hotel design:
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    2. Innovative Hotel Concepts
    3. Radical Innovation Award 2014
    4. Watch Futuristic Concept Hotels
    5. Watch Future of Hotel Industry in Ireland
    6. Watch What’s next in service for the hospitality industry, a culture of care
  2. Investigate the trends, designs, and materials for hotel, B&B, spa, and restaurant design
    1. Watch Hospitality Interior Design Trends
    2. Watch Stockholm Design Talks: Hospitality Design – What’s Coming
    3. Watch Emerging Trends in the Hotel Industry
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    10. Watch Spa Interior Design Architecture Design Ideas
    11. Watch Kitchen consultants – Interior Designers – Watch Hospitality specialization
    12. Watch Best Café Restaurant Decorations
    13. Watch Hotel Concept Design
    14. Watch Shanghai Trends in hotel architecture and design
  3. What makes your business stand out? What is your design? What is unique about your business that will draw customers? Check out some of these:
    1. Watch Saltwater Inn
    2. Watch Moai Home Bed and Breakfast Roma
    3. Watch Bed and breakfast in Paris
    4. Watch Hotels with a Difference O1 – Otter Inn Sweden
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  4. Now it is time to begin your designing
    • Visit several similar businesses to the one you will design
      • What do you like? What attracts you to the space?
      • What don’t you like? What would you do differently?
    • Speak to stakeholders about what they would like in the space
      • Colors
      • Furniture
      • Style
      • Amenities
      • Special features
    • Visit design studios and suppliers to investigate fixtures, colors, materials, furniture
      • What will work for your space?
      • What will fit the area, purpose, needs?
      • How will the cost of materials fit your budget?
    • Interview an expert in the field (phone or in person)
      • What advice do they give about designing the space
      • What pitfalls do they warn about
    • Design a design board layout of the space (you will need a location in mind or project the exact size) Design must be to scale.
      • How to design a Design Board
        3. Watch
      • Check out some design board examples:
        1. Search Restaurant
        2. Search Boutique Hotel
        3. Search Spa Hotel
        4. Search Bed and Breakfast
        5. Search Conference Center