HMD359 Nevada Kirchner v Shooters on the Water Inc Case Discussion

Read the following cases:

  1. Case Example 12-1: Kirchner v. Shooters on the Water, Inc. (Pages 430-431)
  2. Case Example 12-3: Goss v. Richmond. (Pages 434-435)
  3. Case Example 8-3: Paraskevaides v. Four Seasons (Pages 288-289)
  4. Case Example 8-5: Bhattal v. Grand Hyatt-New York (Pages 298-299)

For each case, identify the following:

  1. Case name (1-point)
  2. Parties involved (1-point)
  3. The facts—circumstances that gave rise to the lawsuit (3-points)
  4. The issue—legal question that the parties want resolved (2-points)
  5. The judge’s decision—judge’s response to the issue (1-point)
  6. The reasoning supporting the decision—basis and rationale for the decision (2-points)

You need to read each case first and then answer above questions

I will attach 4 cases.

so, I need total 4 paper. (1 case each)

you have to answer all above the questions for each case.

please write the questions when you write an answer