History of the Internet and Emerging Technologies Questions

1. History of the Internet provides an animation explaining the history of the Internet from ARPANET to the Internet as we know it today. watch this on youTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hIQjrMHTv4

Question 1- IP: What is the main concept behind IP packets? Why is it important for the Internet?

Question 2- TCP: What is TCP and why is it important for the Internet?

2. There are three main types of cryptographic algorithms: (1) secret key, (2) public key, and (3) hash functions. Pick an algorithm for any one of these types (e.g., DES, AES, RSA, MD5) and describe how it works and where it is applied (For example SSL uses 3DES or DES) for message encryption.

3. In this week’s reading, Social Media is one of the “Emerging Technologies” for competition, growth and innovation. View the video below on how global organizations are using Social Media. According to the video, where is Social Media most effective? View the youTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOnVUe59rzc

(2) Give a real world example of a company using Social Media for competition, growth and/or innovation. For maximum credit, answer this question in terms of business capabilities described by University of Missouri: Marketing and Sales, Production (or Manufacturing), Accounting and Finance, and Human Resources (Information Systems for Business Functions).

Do not copy and paste from the internet, please use your own words.