Hi. I have questions on Anthropology. Question about 2 film review.

Film Review Format Instructions

Double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 2-3 pages. If you cite other sources, note them at the end of the movie review in a bibliography formatted in MLA format. Note: Your headers and footers are not a part of the page # requirement.


In your review you should answer the following questions (3 points for each):

1. What is the main message– or narrative arch (story)– of this movie? In other words, what is this movie about? Is it a fiction or a documentary?

2. Use anthropological key terms in your description of the movie. For example, if this movie deals with gender identity (Such as “Pricilla Queen of the Desert”) use terms from Ch. #8 (“Gender”) in the Guest textbook to explain the movie. If this movie has an ethnocentric perspective about the culture it depicts, cite a scene or quote from the movie to prove it. How does this movie deal with aspects of symbolic culture (such as religious beliefs, practices, gender rules, ritual, or issues of social inequality, class, cultural capital, etc.)

3. What are your feelings about the movie? Do you agree or disagree with the director’s portrayal of the culture? Would you recommend it to a student taking Cultural Anthropology?

Link the film “lost in translation cut”


Link the film “Margaret Mead and Samoa (1988)”