HCM460 North Carolina State Cultural Insensitivity Case Study Discussion

Assignment 1: (Discussion)

Think of a personal work situation related to cultural insensitivity. Describe how the situation could be handled differently. Find an evidence-based resource to support your position. Read through classmate’s posts and comment on one. Find a different resource that also supports their recommendation.

Assignment 2: (Discussion) (I have attached the 3 you tube videos)

Watch the three you-tube videos, Universal Health Coverage in Malawi , Struggling to Provide Care: Doctors in Malawi, and A Recipe for Strengthening Health Systems. Discuss the challenges in Malawi’s health care system and comment on the progress that has been made in providing safe, accessible, and affordable care to the people of Malawi.




Assignment 3: (500-1000 word paper) (APA style) (I will attach my assigned case 36)

Submit a 500-1000 word paper on your assigned case. Please use SBAR format and address questions in your review of the case. Be sure to support your recommendations by in text citations and appropriately formatted APA references at the end of the paper.