Global Operations and Supply Chain Management Discussion

Global Operations and Supply Chain Management Discussion

Please submit your answers for each question given below in no less than 300-500 words. Please be specific and answer to the point. This is an individual assignment, please try to answer in your own words.

For reference, you can check the Text book – Jack R. Meredith & Scott M. Shafer. Operations Management for MBA’s 2016.


1) Contrast SCM systems with ERP systems. Which do you suspect are larger and more costly?

2) Might the breakeven model be used for the national or site stage of location? Might the weighted scoring model be used in the national or community stage of location? What factors would be used in these models at other stages?

3) Contrast Six Sigma and BPD.

4) Are there any limitations you see associated with QFD? Benchmarking?

5) With single sourcing, how does the firm protect itself from price gouging? From strikes or interruptions to supply?

6) Consider a service you are familiar with. List examples for each of the seven categories of waste for the service.

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