FIU Presidential Election – Political Questions Assignment

FIU Presidential Election – Political Questions Assignment

1. In 1976 Presidential election Gerald Ford carried Illinois and California while the Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter carried Florida and Texas. Forty years later the Republican candidate Donald Trump carries both Texas and Florida why the Democrats Hillary Clinton prevails in Illinois and California. Write five paragraph essay explaining these results?

2. In 2016 Trump carried Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin states that were last won by the GOP in 1989. Write a five paragraph essay explaining Trump surprise wins in these states.

3. Hillary Clinton has blamed the Russians, former FBI director James Comey, and deplorables for her surprise 2016 lost to Donald Trump. Write a five paragraphs essay explaining why she lost?

4. After Obama’s impressive victory in 2008 where he obtained over 53% of the vote and over 365 electoral vote many scholars expected a liberal realignment? Write a five paragraph essay What factors prevented a realignment.

5 pages total

No more than 5 paragraphs and no formal format

Please make sure essay is supported by arguments from the lectures and readings.