EPA sw_swppp_template


Please see the EPA sw_swppp_template Example word doc attachment, and do the highlights topics only by filling out the template word doc(insert your answer under all highlights topics on the template word doc). Just short answers.

Well, I attached another file SWPPP for Building 1 word doc essay which is the answer of the highlights topics from this topic 1.3Nature and Sequence of Construction Activit until this topic 2.7Establish Perimeter Controls and Sediment Barriers. All I WANT YOU TO DO IN THIS SWPPP for Building 1 ESSAY WORD DOC IS TO GRAB THE ANSWER TO THE TEMPLATE WORD DOC AND INSERT THE ANSWER UNDER EACH SPECIFIC TOPICS (WHICH ARE ONLY 1.3 – 2.7 TOPICS). THEN YOU HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THE REST HIGHLIGHTS TOPICS AFTER THIS TOPIC 2.7Establish Perimeter Controls and Sediment Barriers IN YOUR OWN SHORT ANSWERS, PLEASE.

*******P.S: This order is only short answers by filling out the template word doc. NOT AN ESSAY*********

See the following requirements from the Professor:

Attached Files:

Considering the difficulties with online group projects, number of students suggested we have a practical individual project instead.
I think it will be beneficial if you develop SWPPP. “Construction Storm Water” course documents.
Building 1: The SWPPP should be prepared for an existing building under remodeling. It will qualify for a LEED (Green Building) project. Therefore, we need to have SWPPP.
Building 2: New building. SWPPP required. Imagine contaminated soil/mud runoff.
See the Power Point – SWPPP. Choose one of the buildings and develop SWPPP. You can also choose a building near you. If you have a construction project in your area, you can use different building. The goal is to give you practical knowledge of SWPPP importance for new and existing buildings.
Use EPA’s or California BMP’s to develop your plan.

California BMP Handbook: https://www.casqa.org/sites/default/files/BMPHandbooks/BMP_NewDevRedev_Complete.pdf
You can also use SWPPP_20060505. Another approved EPA SWPPP example is attached. Complete the highlighted sections of the plan.
You may not need all the elements of the plan.