ENG1102 Troy University Symbolism in Shakespeare’s Comedies


An Annotated Bibliography is simply a short paragraph that gives a brief review and recommendation of a book, article, journal, or some other secondary source. It should total at least 1000 words with all the sources combined. You will select four sources for your upcoming research essay. Choose wisely as they will be used in the research essay.


Smith, Jane. Symbolism in Shakespeare’s Comedies. Pearson Publishing. NY, New York: 1989.

Jane Smith’s book talks about…etc. The review of the book usually takes up about one

paragraph, and at the end of the review, the author usually gives an evaluation, such as “I

found this book helpful because….” or “I did not find this book helpful because….” etc.

Research Topics:

Are cell phones are dangerous?

Are test scores a good indication of a school’s competency?

Should children be diagnosed with ADHD/ADD under the age of ten years?

Home school students should receive a diploma just like student who attend regular school?

Are professional athletes and actor/actresses paid too much?

Video games and movies cause violent behavior in children?


MLA sources must be placed in alphabetical order!!

12 pt. Font must be used!

Double Space the entire document!

Times New Roman must be used!

MLA format must be used!