Emerging Technologies Data Protection and Privacy Cases Discussion

I need a 3-4 paragraph post for each Learning Activity. The sources I attach are the only ones you can use for citations. I need at least three of the sources for each post. APA Format. For in-text citations it should be, (Author, Publication Year, page number). If there is no page number just exclude it. Make sure that you really show an understanding of the concepts in each learning activity. Also, see attached for the instructor’s notes for this week. It may give you an idea of what is expected.


Week 6: Emerging Technologies, Data Protection & Privacy

Theme 1: Emerging Technology

Theme 2: Data Protection

Theme 3: Privacy

Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights—not the law

Learning Activity #1

Driving on the Internet Express

One of the consequences of recent technological advances has been the degree to which they have impacted how businesses conduct themselves, creating some significant problems regarding how businesses interact with each other and consumers. Consumers themselves have not escaped the technological advances unscathed either given the incidents of identity theft and the hacking of their data entrusted to businesses. Perhaps in no greater area has the advance in technology manifested itself than in the proliferation of the use of the internet. Through the use of the internet, businesses are able to reach wider audiences for their products, and consumers have been able to increase their access both to information and products.

In an interesting video embedded here, the presenter, A.C. Markkula, Jr., a co-founder of Apple, takes the position that access to the internet is a privilege and not a right. To curb some of the abuses and harmful effects, Markkula suggests (perhaps tongue in cheek or perhaps seriously?) a drivers’ license approach to the internet. In essence to obtain and maintain your ability to use the internet you would have to go through a process similar to obtaining and retaining your drivers’ license. What do you think of Markkula’s idea and why in your opinion would this work or not work? What are some of the ethical implications of such an approach?


Learning Activity # 2

Where Oh Where Is My Data?

Eye See U, Inc., headquartered in Orange County, California, is one of the largest medical billing companies in the United States. As a part of its business, the Company prepares invoices and receives payments on behalf of private and governmental entities, both state and federal. To fulfill its mission, the company stores a substantial amount of consumer data, including social security numbers, dates of birth, medical histories, and credit card information. In a routine audit, the company discovered that an unauthorized party had accessed the Company’s database.

Upon discovering the unauthorized access, the Company immediately conducted a thorough investigation, which involved a comprehensive check of the affected site and implementation of measures to defend against any further attacks. Not wanting to be the target of adverse publicity or to chance the possible loss of lucrative contracts, the Company did not disclose to anyone, it’s clients or consumers, the news of the security breach. Identify and discuss the ethical issues you see in this scenario. How do you think the company should resolve the ethical issues? Do you believe the company had an ethical duty to disclose the breach, and if so to whom? Are there any ethical theories that support your response?