ECO2023 University of Nairobi Fishing Market Paper

This is going to be a revision for the final paper,and adding two pages. i already wrote the second draft i need help with the final paper. draft and rubric are attachet:

Feedback on the draft:

Writing Part II is the extension of Part I, in Part I you are supposed to describe the fishing market using what you have learned about scarcity, marginal analysis in decision-making, and markets. You must include a discussion of resources, supply and demand, as well as marginal benefits and marginal costs. In Part II you are supposed to expand your discussion of the market from Part I, using what you have learned about market failures/problems and the feedback you received. Discuss why the market failure occurs and include the correct graph. You should also Consider catch shares and the helpful aspects of this government intervention. Explain the current government intervention and exactly how it corrects the market failure. Include any other beneficial aspects of catch shares that you find through your own research. You have missed the assignment requirements in a long way. Your analysis is only focused on demand-supply, scarcity and marginal analysis. Components of Part II is completely missing. No discussion on common resources problem, market failure, government intervention and “Catch Share”.

assignment details:

Consider catch shares and the negative aspects of this government intervention. In addition to improving your paper based on the feedback you received, add to your previous discussion of catch shares using what you have learned about how monopolists make pricing and output decisions and how and why market power is a problem. Include any other negative aspects of catch shares that you find through your own research.

Now put yourself in the role of a social advocate. Noting the problems you presented above, what solutions do you have to help protect society? Offer an alternative solution that addresses the issues you noted in part I and avoids the problems you noted in the first half of part II. Be creative, you are not limited to possible government interventions but should also consider potential interventions from other groups in society.

Note: This is the final part of the writing assignment. You must submit a completed paper with title page, introduction, body, conclusion, a graph, and references page. The paper should breakdown the fishing market and problems within it, evaluate the current solution and it’s limitations, and propose an original contribution/potential solution.

This is a graded assignment. You should refer to the rubric before you begin writing as well as during the writing process: (attached rubric)

The body of the text must be at least 6, no more than 7, full pages: a revision of the first 4 pages already submitted (addressing all comments you received on the second draft as well as integrating the second draft with this one) PLUS an additional 2 pages.

  • Meet formatting and length requirements
  • No plagiarism, no overuse of quoted text
  • Limited quoted text (must be in your own words)
  • A complete paper including all parts of the three part assignment
  • Use economic terminology to discuss the market as described under assignment details
  • Address the feedback from drafts 1 and 2
  • Include graph
  • Include updated references/bibliography page