Dual roles in Probation

View the Riverbend City: Probation media piece. Based on what you viewed, address the following in a 5–6 page paper:

  • Lay out two sources of conflict for probation officers, specific to the investigation and supervision functions based on the monitoring of the offender for each transition point (initial probation criteria establishment, electronic monitoring, and victim communication of concern).
  • Determine two ways reform movements in probation have either created conflict or resolved conflict for probation officers, using Riverbend City: Probation as a point of reference.
  • Establish two ways the use of criminal behavior assessments can either create conflict or resolve conflict for probation officers.
  • Propose two measures, looking ahead, that can be implemented to reduce probation officer conflict that could have helped the Probation Officer in Riverbend City: Probation.
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