DOC700 UOPX Week 1 Technology Training Problem in Profession Summary

As doctoral professional, you will be challenged to leverage your skills as a scholar-practitioner-leader to inform interventions that affect positive change in your professional discipline. To implement change, you must first identify a problem.

Identify a problem in your professional discipline. You will use this problem as the focus for future assignments in this course. Your problem must be specific, tangible, and relevant to your discipline, degree program, and to the context of the assignment. The problem should reflect a negative occurrence and its consequences. As you develop your problem, think about the big picture, then narrowly focus on the specific problem.

The “problem” should not have a solution (in which case, it is not a problem). If you know the solution, it is not a problem. Your task here is NOT to fix the problem but rather to propose scholarly research that practitioner-leaders might draw upon in order to address the problem. Consider what you have encountered and observed in your profession as a problem, then what sort of information scholars, practitioners, and leaders need and do not have.

Example Problem: The problem is that high school teachers do not receive adequate technology training resulting in inability to integrate technology into the classroom.

Write a maximum of 125-word paragraph. In your paragraph:

· State the Problem

· Discuss how the problem aligns with your program of study and your discipline/focus

***For information on writing a well-structured paragraph, see the document titled the MEAL Plan attached below.

Place the assignment in the respective area of the Executive Summary template (attached).

Each week you will place the weekly assignment in the designated area of the template so that APA formatting will be correct. Each week you will also make revisions on previous weeks’ work based on your instructor’s feedback. Placing the assignments in the template each week is in preparation for the final assignment in Week 5.

Format your paper using APA guidelines. Using the Executive Summary Template will ensure proper formatting.

Include an APA formatted title page. Using the Executive Summary Template will ensure proper formatting.