Discussion Reply week 5

Discussion Reply week 5

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According to the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics, Big data is typically referred to as a large complex data set that yields substantially more information when analyzed as a fully integrated data set as compared to the outputs achieved with smaller sets of the same data that are not integrated (Thew, J., 2016). Data teaches nurses how to care for their patients-based on information that is retrieved from data, this is how we also learn what our patients need. Data is also needed to track patients’ labs, track patients from department to department and other test information for healthcare provider review. The quality of our nursing care and documentation informs the public and insurance companies through publicly reported measures at sites such as medicare.gov/hospitalcompare/search.html (Glassman, K. S., 20117).


Healthcare always generates huge amounts of data, but is the data being used appropriately. One challenge we face with data processing involves not only the quantity of data but also the difficulty of processing it (Batko, K., Slezak, A., 2022). Not accurately using data puts the patient at extreme risks for compromise.


One strategy that may effectively mitigate the challenges or risk of using big data is increasing education and training opportunities concerning privacy protection, including career paths for professionals (Abouelmehdi, K., Beni-Hessane, A. & Khaloufi, H., 2018). Education is always a main for focus for nursing practice. In healthcare we are learning every day and reinforcement of policies and procedures through education is a great way to effectively improve patient outcomes.





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