Outline the most significant obstacles to obtaining an education in developing countries. Suggest at least two (2) reasons why education should be a priority in the developing world. Next, propose significant overall strategies – aside from building more schools – that those in leadership positions in developing countries may use in order to help their people escape poverty through education.

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3) Class this Instructor Insights video is OPTIONAL for Week 6.

Education is one of the most crucial aspects of human survival, growth and development in developing and developed nations. Although educational opportunities have improved significantly in many developing countries over the past three decades, much, much more must be done. The education of girls impacts every aspect of the growth of a nation, yet too many girls are still subject to under education, early marriage or forced labor well before adulthood–denying their chances for independent and a sustainable quality of life. Please REVIEW this short video, discuss the key points and, post your comments (if you like).

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Girl’s Education in Developing Countries

YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihuZNDuM3g8