Discussion #2 and two replies : Reading (Realistic) Fiction: The Modern Short Story by Chesnutt, Eaton, Yezierska

Based on your careful reading of the three stories, take some notes and prepare your discussion posts for Discussion #2.

The readings for Week 2 feature the genre of fiction, including short stories by African-American author Charles Chesnutt (“The Wife of His Youth”; 1898), (Available though this link https://docsouth.unc.edu/southlit/chesnuttwife/che…), )Asian-American immigrant author Sui Sin Far, a.k.a. Edith Maud Eaton (“In The Land of the Free”; 1909, 1912) (posted below), and Russian-Jewish writer Anzia Yezierska (“The Lost ‘Beautifulness'”; 1920) (posted below).

All three stories represent early multicultural American literature written in the mode of Realism (and Regionalism/Local Color fiction): LIT 273 Realism Notes.pdf (Posted below)

The discussion forum is open-ended, so you may determine your topics and approaches, as long as you discuss at least two of the stories and cover relevant literary devices/techniques of fiction in one of the texts/posts. You may focus one post on each (single) text or compare/contrast two or more texts based on a specific point of comparison. Potential topics for discussion are provided in the Discussion #2 study guide. (posted below) You may also wish to consult the relevant handouts as needed.

Choose at least two stories as the focus of your required discussion posts. You may determine the topic of your posts but should identify and examine at least one device of fiction in one of your required texts/posts.

Students should complete a minimum of two posts and two replies