Did Donna and Cam create a binding contract for the purchase of the software?

Donna, Louis and Harvey are good friends and accountants working for three different Adelaide firms. It is now seven years since they graduated and each has enjoyed a successful individual career. One day the three meet for coffee and, while chatting, decide it would be a good idea to start their own accounting and financial planning firm. They each give notice with their employers and sign a new partnership agreement. They then register their new business and purchase a vacant office building in Goodwood(inner southern suburb of Adelaide). The trio attain loan finance from the Commonwealth Bank and renovate the office building, installing new computers throughout. They decide to shop around for the latest and best accounting software so they can offer their clients the most efficient and sophisticated service possible. Donna is tasked with finding suitable software.

Donna visits Number Crunchers, a specialist IT company in the city, and speaks with Cam, one of the sales staff. Based on her new firm’s needs, Cam recommends the ‘MoneyMakers’ corporate accounting software package which includes 24/7 IT support. The package is advertised in store and on the Number Crunchers website at $15,649. Donna says she is very keen on the package but wishes to check with her partners first to make sure they’re happy as well. She leaves her contact details, including her mobile phone number and email address, with Cam and says she will contact him in two days (Thursday). Cam provides his personal mobile number to Donna and says to call whenever suits as he works all week. After speaking with Louis and Harvey, they both agree on the package and tell Donna to go ahead and order it. Donna contacts Cam and the following text conversation takes place:(check the picture)