DBMS663 UMDC Data Marts Decision Support System Research Paper

Data marts


The paper should be 10 pages in length, Do not include a title page or table of contents.


The paper should be organized in a format that could be submitted to a journal for presentation. It should include an abstract, key words, the body, and the bibliography. At least three references from peer-Retrieved journals are required. The title, your name, and page number should be at the top of each page.


One-inch margins (top, bottom, sides) Times New Roman or Arial12 point font Double spaced

Running head with title, name, and page numbers


Data marts

The objective of the paper is to “research” the topic. It is not to do a design.


  • The format for the paragraph reference is (author_last_name, date_of_article). For articles sourced from the web, the format for the reference must be in accordance with APA format.
  • Each reference must appear in the bibliography at the end.
  • The bibliography should be listed in alphabetical order.
  • References that were not used in the text of the paper should not be in the bibliography.
  • Do not use more than 5 words directly from a source without quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.

Criteria for Paper Grade:

  • Compliance with APA format
  • Original work for this class
  • Creativity
  • Analysis of technical material
  • Writing ability
  • Mastery of data warehouse concepts