DB8002 Capella University Walmart Stores Inc. Strategy Swot Report

250-350 words per discussion (essay format)

Discussion #1

Business Models

Identify the major themes on business models presented in Ovans’s 2015 article, “What Is a Business Model?”. Next, compare these themes with the ones presented in Harvard Business Review (2013) article and video of the Business Model Canvas and the discussion led by Dr. Osterwalder. What are key or major findings? What are the points of uncertainty and ambiguity?

For the second part of this discussion, review and evaluate Dr. Porter’s Five Forces. How and why does the Five Forces model link to the success or failure of the company business model?

All posts and assignments are considered formal research writing. This means no personal pronouns, no paragraphs without a citation. Listing and citing of all references using current APA style and formatting. It is permitted to use tables and lists with bullets or numbers. Use APA headings to format your initial discussion post. Use the APA Module, linked in the Resources, to guide your formatting. Use the following list to develop your post and include the information you gather under its corresponding heading:

  • Introduction: Tell the reader the purpose of the post and what will be covered.
  • Theory: Business Model and Five-Forces:
    • Identify and describe the main points and themes of the Ovans (2015) article and the Harvard Business Review (2013) article and video. Note common elements where the discussions are aligned.
    • Now, add the concept of Dr. Michael Porter’s Five Forces from the assigned video. How can the Five Forces model be applied to the business model concepts? Be as specific as possible.
  • Conclusion: Sum up the key points of the post in one or two sentences.
  • References: Using APA style and format, list the references you used for your post.

Learner Option

You are encouraged, but not required, to utilize the following resources in your discussion post:

  • Read the DaSilva and Trkman (2013) article and add their additional perspective on business models. How does the research from this article compare with the required readings? What is not a business model?
  • Watch the Porter’s 2008 video on the five competitive forces that shape strategy.

Note: You will receive feedback on this addition to your post, but not extra credit.

Your post to this discussion must include all the assigned readings. The post must be a minimum of 250 words in length, with no maximum. Remember to list your references in current APA format at the end of your post.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

  • Describe the design of business models.
  • Describe the industry value chain.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking.
  • Follow APA protocols and format.
  • Identify perspectives.


Discussion #2

Finding Corporate Information

The heart of the DBA program is using a scholar-practitioner approach to research. The first discussion activity in this unit is an example of looking at the scholar side. Next comes the practitioner, applying scholar-developed theory to business case study (company) application. There are multiple business publications that provide in-depth company evaluations, such as MarketLine, Hoovers, Yahoo! Finance, WSJ, CEO Express, SEC Edgar (for example, a 10k), and annual reports.

This discussion activity is very straightforward. Complete the following:

  1. Select any Fortune 500 company of your choosing. Choose a company that, as a business professional, you are interested in learning more about and will be researching in Unit 3.
    • Access the Fortune 500 Web site from the Resources.
  1. Find the most recent MarketLine Report on your selected Fortune 500 company and download the PDF file. To make your post:
    • Type in the name of the company you selected into the subject line.
    • Upload the MarketLine PDF file.

Note: For information on how accessing MarketLine Reports, see the Finding Company Information presentation in the DBA Resources and Toolbox, located in the Resources.

Response Guidelines

Response to peers are not required for this discussion.

You may find it interesting to see what other companies have been selected. You have the additional advantage of being able to download other company’s MarketLine Report. Additionally, you receive full participation credit for uploading the MarketLine Report.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

  • Analyze sources of information and data from appropriate resources.
  • Conduct business practitioner research on a selected Fortune 500 or Global Fortune 500 company.
  • Describe the step by step search process to find information on a selected Fortune 500 or Global Fortune 500 company
  • Locate publicly traded company references such as the MarketLine Report and the IBIS Industry Analysis.