DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Argumentative Paper

DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Argumentative Paper

I’m defending DACA and I want the United States government to keep the program active and not to end it.

For this paper I must have 5 sources. 2 Scholars, 2 peer reviewed, and 1 factcheck (Ex. for factcheck is truthdig.com) Sources are very important for my professor.

Here is how I want the structure of the paper to be:

– The thesis on the very first paragraph (knowing that I am for DACA and do strongly support it)

– Body: First paragraph of the body needs to explain DACA briefly with quotes. Mentioning how, when, why did president Obama started it. /////////////////// Second paragraph of the body should talk about the groups that support DACA and why they support it (Here’s a list of groups that support it FWD.us, The American Civil Liberties Union, United We Dream, Make The Road New York, The Interfaith Immigration Coalition, and The Immigrant Legal Resource Center) //////////////////////// THIRD PARAGRAPH should be the counter arguments, groups that are against DACA and why they are against it///////////////////// THEN I should start my own argument why I support DACA from my own point of view (Three paragraph with three reasons will do it)

If it is possible, relating this to racism and LGBTQ community will be good since my professor focus on racism and LGBTQ a lot. Racism will do enough.