Cuyahoga Community Differences Between Individual Interviewing & Focus Groups Paper

Cuyahoga Community Differences Between Individual Interviewing & Focus Groups Paper

Review the resources in the course and online about the challenges, advantages, and disadvantages of using focus groups as part your research methods. Consider if, for your topic, whether a focus group would be a good choice for data collection.

For this Discussion, you will explore the differences between individual interviewing and focus groups.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the Learning Resources related to coding, data analysis, and focus groups.
  • Review the focus group media program found in the Learning Resources and consider how you might use a focus group in collecting data for the topic of your research.

By Day 3

Post your explanation of:

  1. The difference between collecting data using individual interviews and a focus group (e.g., intent, selecting participants, conducting the interview or focus group)
  2. Given the topic you are currently using for your research, would you consider using a focus group for your study? Why or why not? The purpose of this research is to investigate and identify how gender impacts leadership and decision-making especially in political and organizational arenas. The discussion also aims at understanding how women exercise their rule over circumstances and make appropriate decisions to pursue promotion The inquiry further examines the experiences women undergo while performing complex and managerial duties.

Be sure to support your main post and response post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA style.