Complete Very Short Marketing Discussion POST ASU

Discussion Topic #1: Many marketing novices believe that marketing and advertising are synonymous. In at least 150 words, explain why you are agree or disagree with the sentiments of the novices. After posting your response to the topic, review some of the postings of your classmates, and in a least 50 words respond to one of their postings.

Before you post your responses, please read chapter one of the textbook and refer to at least three other sources.

You must use the APA format to cite at least four references and one of those should be the textbook for this class.Please do not use Wikipedia and online dictionaries as references.

All discussions are graded based on the following criteria:

1. Content: How well the response met the requirements of the assignments. – 80%

2. References: The assignment met the required number of sources and the APA format was use to reference information gleaned from those sources. 10%

3. Communication: Students should adhere to all of the basic rules of effective writing and grammar when composing responses to topics. The quality of the writing affects the quality of the products students submit. 10%