Complete Short Discussion Posts


Moral Decision-Making

There are many different moral theories, each of which provides a different way of analyzing the moral dilemmas we face in our lives. These moral theories provide a systematic framework for making reasoned moral decisions.

This week, you will write about a time in which you had to make a difficult moral decision.

  • Which moral theory did you use?
  • What steps did you take to make the decision?
  • What was your reasoning process?

Discussion 2:

Is the U.S. Population Unhealthy?

Health-related behavior represents a prime target for improving the nation’s health. Today’s leading cases of disease and death are preventable chronic diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and asthma), and behavioral risk factors play a critical role in their development and management. Obesity is common, serious and costly problem in the U.S. Obesity affected about 93.3 million of US adults in 2015~2016. Fast food consumption has been linked to higher caloric intake and greater risk for obesity. As an increasing number of consumers are dining at fast food restaurants, policy makers are turning their attention to environmental and policy approaches that influence consumer choice, including mandated calorie menu labels in fast food restaurants. The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act included a provision requiring restaurants with more than 20 locations nationwide to post calorie information at the point of purchase.

Watch the following video: Supersize me

Explore the effectiveness of healthy living education.

Include each of the following aspects in the discussion:

  • Do you think the posting of calorie counts will change behavior when ordering food?
  • Has it changed your behavior?
  • Suggest education that might influence diet and food choices
  • Discuss if insurance premiums and health care charges should reflect a person’s unhealthy life style

Discussion 3:

Surgical Package and Global Period

Imagine you are interning at a busy general surgeon’s office. From your reading, you recall the term “global surgical package”. There are 3 types of global surgical packages based on the number of post-op days.

Describe in detail each one of these. Select a procedure from the zero post-op category and one from 90 day post-op category and indicate why each falls into the category it does.

Discussion 4:

Online interaction is becoming a larger part of total social interactions. In this discussion forum address the following questions:

  • Has the lack of nonverbal communication changed the way we act in person?
  • What features have been added to online interaction that help people get a glimpse of our nonverbal reactions or things that cannot be shared when interacting online?