CJA340 National University History of Corrections in America Questions

Signature Assignment There are 7 questions.

Signature Assignment for CJA 340

In 1 to 2 pages of double-spaced text for each question below (total of 7-14 pages), respond to each of the following 7 discussion items, and use references/citations:

1. Describe the history of corrections in America. (worth 2 points)

2. List and briefly describe the 5 goals of corrections. Citing at least 2 sources, how effective has U.S. Corrections been at achieving these 5 goals? (worth 2 points)

3. Briefly discuss the prison sanctions of indeterminate, determinate, and mandatory sentencing. (worth 2 points)

4. What are the historical differences among probation, parole, and intermediate sanctions? (worth 2 points)

5. Discuss the inmate balance theory vs. the administrative control theory in the administration of policies and procedures (worth 2 points)

6. Identify and briefly discuss 4 group treatment modalities used in prisons to attempt to rehabilitate prisoners. (worth 2 points).

7. When considering probation, parole, community-based (intermediate) sanctions, and incarceration, discuss how each is intended to rehabilitate offenders. (worth 2 points)

Total points = 14