CJ450 UCLA Terrorism in Films Discussion

For this week, we will watch and discuss (2) films that dig deep on terrorist strategies and the tactics used to achieve their ideological goals. If there was any possible way that I can drive the point home, within a 12 week class, on how complicated the concept of terrorism is – these films will illustrate that. These (2) films are foreign and have subtitles – make sure you tell me if those subtitles are not working on your end…you will never know what I went through to get them embedded for your viewing pleasure.

The reason I want you to watch these films are based on these points:

1. You will see what happens when an occupying country goes through when they clash with the people indigenous to that particular geographic area.

2. You will see how terror tactics are implemented as a way of achieving a strategic goal for the opposing group.

3. You will see how ideologies, no matter how foreign they might be to us, can go to extremes.

4. You will understand how one country’s terrorist threat can be another country’s freedom fighter/hero.

After you watch these two films, there will be a discussion open in this week’s forum.