Case study: Grappling with Growth

Case study: Grappling with Growth

Cooper 2012. The case study investigates the challenges of an Olympic sport attempting to grow its brand, increase attendance, and cultivate its soccial media followers. While the case study centers on an assistant wrestling coach, you can easily integrate any Olympic sport into your responses.

1. What are potential strategies that the wrestling program can implement via social media marketing to improve interaction with key stakeholders on a regular basis?

2. In your new postion to the institution, how do you plan on using tradaitional marketing strategies to reach your goal og having 1000 for the upcoming season?

3 What are the differences between the three major social media outlets( Facebook, Twitter, You Tube) and how can your program use them individually and collectively to improve marketing efforts? How would you priooritive which social media platform investment of time and resources?

This 4 page paper should include evidence from the required reading and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.